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Several bird surveys have been carried out over the last couple of years in Batang Toru by bird expert Bas van Balen. The total number of birds recorded for in the Batang Toru Ecosystem between 2003-2015 is now 311, excluding seven species awaiting confirmation. This number compares well with other large comparable natural areas on Sumatra like Bukit Barisan (276 spp), Berbak (245 spp), Way Kambas (314 spp).


Sixteen bird species are found endemic to Sumatra, and an additional 10 are Restricted Range Species (i.e., with a global breeding range of less than 50,000 km2). A total of 78 montane species have been recorded so far, which is 76% of the total montane Sumatran avifauna (n=103).

Nineteen species were migratory birds from the northern hemisphere, using the Batang Toru are as a passage area, or as wintering quarters. Amongst these scarce species as Ferruginous Flycatchers Muscicapa ferruginea and a possible species new to Sumatra Two-barred Warbler Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus (still to be confirmed).

Six Globally Vulnerable species were found: Wallace’s Hawk-eagle Spizaetus nanus and Blue-banded Kingfisher Alcedo euryzona, Graceful Pitta Pitta venusta, Sumatran Laughing-thrush Garrulax bicolor, and Large-billed Blue Flycatcher Cyornis caerulatus. An additional 58 Globally Near-threatened species were recorded.