The principles for management of the Batang Toru Ecosystem are those of collaborative, multi-stakeholder involvement, while the strategy is to develop a management regime that can guarantee continued provision of the environment services that the forests provide, and their biodiversity, while accommodating the interests of traditional forest edge communities.



In accordance with Government Regulations No. 6, 2007 and No. 3, 2008 on Forest organization, the Preparation of Forest management plans, and Forest Use, the formation of a cross-District Protection Forest Management Unit will be required to manage the Batang Toru Ecosystem. Ideally this would be a “Model” Protection Forest Management Unit, which would mean it would received special attention and support from the Government for its formation (P.41/Menhut-II/2011).

As of March 2017, a new Forest Management Unit [KPH 11] is being established, covering the Batang Toru Ecosystem. The offices of the new Forest Management Unit are based in Aek Tolang in Central Tapanuli.

The primary focus of the Management Unit would include:

Zoning of the forests (including reviewing potential for Community Forestry and Village Forests);

Boundary Demarcation;

Regulating use of the forests;

Research and Development;

Patrolling and protection of the forests;

Development of human resources to support management;

Development of infrastructure and facilities to support collaborative management;

Encouraging public participation in management.