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Recently a massive new threat has surfaced, namely plans for a new hydro-electric dam scheme. Although sounding ‘green’ it would be the biggest disaster to the Batang Toru Ecosystem. This hydro dam has been planned in the richest area of the Batang Toru Ecosystem, in a beautiful primary forest gorge area that has the highest densities of the last remaining Tapanuli orangutans.


Road access will be built, hydropower lines will traverse the forest and connectivity it will cause further fragmentation of the remaining habitat, pushing the already critically endangered wildlife a step further towards extinction. Besides the direct habitat destruction, the dam will also halt migration of the economically extremely important ‘Jurung’ fish [Tor spp.].

Unfortunately this area is still allocated ‘For Other Uses’ as the current South Tapanuli District Government has been more interested in supporting various environmentally disastrous developments like mining or development of this hydro dam in the most critically sensitive and biodiverse area of the entire Batang Toru Ecosystem. These developments might yield short term benefits to a few…but will cause lasting destruction of a unique ecosystem!