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One logging company holds a concession license (32.000 ha) in the Batang Toru area given out by central Government. This company, PT Teluk Nauli, built a logging road into the upper reaches of several watersheds in the late 1990s, but steep slopes, high erosion, landslides and low timber yields halted operations.


The fact though that the company built a road and left it unsupervised caused the encroachment of several thousand ha of pristine forest.

Interestingly, the company’s own experts have warned against logging in this area due to the high erosion of soils as well as threat of landslides. Despite this negative advise, the Ministry of Forestry extended the license of this company in 2004 for another 30 years!

Despite the fact that the company is not carrying out any activities in the forest, the fact that they have a valid license is delaying the process of obtaining a status change for the forest area as a whole.